New Service Request

Welcome to the Parker County Special Utility District Community.  If you are needing water service for property that already has an existing active service, you will need to fill out an Application for Service and submit it to the District. We will also need a copy of your driver's license and the deed or warranty deed for the property or Lease Agreement if it is a Lease. The previous owner will need to submit a form to Discontinue Service. You may email the application  to: or Once we receive the application, we will email you the link to pay for your service online. The current fees are $350 ($200 deposit, $125 transfer fee, and $25 Administrative Fee).  Be sure to read our Mandatory Stage I Water Conservation Letter that we have on our website. We look forward to serving your water needs.

If you are needing to apply for New Service that does not have a current active tap, you will need to fill out an Application for Service and the Feasibility Study form. The fees are based by the number of requests you are asking for, this is a pass-through fee; what ever the engineer charges we pass on to the applicant. The fees are based on an estimate of time needed, if the District is charged more due to the amount of time needed, the District will pass the difference on to the applicant. We are currently in a temporary moratorium for new service requests. (See Order for the Tenth Extension of the Temporary Moratorium below) Please include a map or draft plat of the property. You may submit these new service requests to If you have any questions, please call 817-594-2900 during normal business hours.

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