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Creation of the District

The District is the successor to the Parker County Water Supply Corporation (the "Corporation").  The Corporation was originally organized in 1974 as a non-profit water supply corporation operating under Article 1434a, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas of 1925, as amended, for the purpose of providing and furnishing a safe and dependable water supply to the rural areas of Brock, Dennis, Greenwood and an area near Millsap and Bennett, in Parker and Palo Pinto Counties, Texas.  The District was authorized by special act of the Texas Legislature, during its 79th Session in 2005.  A successful confirmation election was held by the corporation on November 19, 2005. The District is a political subdivision of the state with the authority of conservation and reclamation districts under Chapters 49 and 65 of the Texas Water Code, as authorized pursuant to Section 59, Article XVI of the Texas Constitution.

Location/Service Area

The District is located in southwestern Parker County and southeastern Palo Pinto County, both counties being north central counties in Texas.


The district estimates that approximately 6,430 persons reside within its boundaries.

Topography and Flood Hazards

Flood Hazard Boundary maps for Parker and Palo Pinto Counties, as published by the Federal Insurance Administration (FIA) and the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) were used in review of flood boundaries within the District.  All existing facilities, consisting of ground storage tanks, are located outside all designated flood hazard areas.


The District is governed by a seven member Board of Directors elected by the registered voters of the District (see page herein for a list of the current Board of Directors).  If at any time a vacancy occurs on the Board, the remaining Board members make appointments to fill such vacancies.  Directors serve three-year staggered terms.  The District's Directors do not receive remuneration for serving on the Board.  The District's general manager supervises administrative and operating functions of the District.  At present, the District employs nine (9) full-time employees.  The District and all similar districts are subject to the continuing supervision and filing requirements of TCEQ, including the requirement of an annual independent audit.  All plans and specifications for construction of District facilities to be financed by any bonds or other obligations of the District must be submitted to TCEQ for review and approval.

Water Service Agreements

The District's revenues come from its retail customers.  There are no wholesale water service agreements.


Water Supply and System Facilities

The District purchases some treated water from the City of Mineral Wells, PCSUD also has built a 1MGD RO water treatment plant  and operates three (3) wells owned by the District which are located in the Greenwood area.

The District's existing facilities consist of six (6) ground storage tanks (3 @ 200,000 gallons each, 1 @ 150,000 gallons, 1 @ 50,000 gallons, and 1 @ 20,000 gallons), distribution lines, meters, valves, and other necessary appurtenances.

In 2014 PCSUD completed the construction of a Microfiltration (MF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plant and in late 2018 PCSUD started working on obtaining funds to upgrade the treatment plant from 1 million gallons a day production to 2 million due to the increasing population in this southwest corner of Parker County.

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