The District has noticed very high levels of water usage the past three days. We would like to remind our customers and our new customers that the District is still in Mandatory Stage I Rationing with Restrictions to Once a Week Outside Watering due to the District's water consumption and capacity exceeding 85% of the daily maximum supply. It is very crucial that these guidelines be followed to keep from going into Stage II; where all irrigation and outside watering is prohibited. All non-essential water use shall be prohibited between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. Non essintial water use is defined as washing windows, siding, eaves and roofs of buildings; washing driveways, streets, curbs and gutters; vehicle washing; unattended irrigation or sprinkler lawn watering of landscaping, shrubs and grass; draining and filling swimming pools; and flushing water systems. Unattended irrigation or sprinkler lawn watering is permitted only ONCE a week, on your designated day and NOT between 10am and 6pm, according to the last digit of your address. 0 and 1: Monday,  2 and 3: Tuesday, 4 and 5: Wednesday, 6 and 7: Thursday, & 8 and 9: Friday. Handheld hose watering of landscaping, shrubs and grass is permissible subject to the "time of day" restrictions. You may view the Mandatory Stage I Water Conservation letter on our website at Your cooperation in this effort is greatly appreciated!!